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Survival and Functional fashions for the outdoor person
Orders? Call  862-266-4256
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Here are some examples of our custom creations. You choose the item and the color combination !!!
Please contact us with your specific requests, and we will prepare a free estimate.
Or for more information, call us at:  862-266-4256

Or send inquiries to:
Wide Bracelets-----$ 6.00 (each)                                             Slim Bracelets ----$ 6.00 (each)
Monkey Fists------$ 4.00 (each)
Key chains & Zipper pulls ------ $3.00 (each)
Dragonfly earings & key chain---- $3.00 (each)
Mixed Group
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Color Choices
(Top left to Right)
Light Blue, Colonial Blue, Royal Blue, Peacock Blue
(Bottom left to Right)
Panther, Red White & Blue, Maedi Gras, Purple

Product Name
(Top Left to Right)
Emerald green, Neon green, Dayglow  
(Bottom Left to Right)
Wolverine, Dragonfly, Tropical
Color Choices
Black, Panda and Galaxy
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Survival Efficiency:

    • Monkey Fists- 3ft of cord
    • Bracelets- 8-10 ft of cord
    • Belts- 60ft of cord
    • Key chains- 3 ft of cord
    • Earrings- 2 ft of cord
    • Zipper Pulls- 3ft of cord
  • Breast Cancer Ribbon 4 ft
  • Little Funny People 2 ft
  • Dog Collars 
  • Leashes (6 ft leash) 72 ft cord

Color Choices
(Top left to Right)
Neon pink, Candy Snake, Little Black Pink, Razzamatazz
(Middle left to Right)
Rose Pink, Volcanic, Nerds, Bubble Gum
(Bottom left to Right)
Cotton Candy, Rose Noche, Ta Ta 4 Now, Watermellon
Color Choices
Color Choices
Color Choices
Color Choices for Earnings or Slim Bracelets
(Top Left to Right)
Goldenrod, Tuti Fruity, Fire, Phoenix Sunrise
(Bottom Left to Right)
Creamsicle, Rock Star, Tye Dye, Birthday cake
(Top left to right)
Teal, Green, Light Blue, Neon Green
Black and Purple
(Bottom left to right)
Yellow, Gold, Neon Orange, Red and Neon Pink

(Top Left to Right)
Yellow, Bumble Bee, Explode 
(Bottom Left to Right)
Black Widow, Strawberry & Cream, Red
Optional  colored clips shown below pink & Blue
Slim Bracelet next to a Wide Bracelet
Dragonfly Barretts --- $3.00 (each)
Breast Cancer Ribbon ...will do other colors for various foundations
Wine Charms set of 4------- $5.00
Funny people------------------ $1.00
Pet Accessories
Dog Leash 6 ft------------------ $ 20.00
Dog Collar varing sizes sm $6 -  med $8 - Large $10 
Para-Pen- Cover set of 5 ------$ 2.00 (any color liner)
Hair Band---------------------$5.00 (Any color)
Color Choices
(Top Left to Right)
Fast Pitch, Search & Rescue, Vietnam, USMC, Flame
(Bottom Left to Right)
Neon Yellow, Dragon Tooth, Tye Die, Tropical, Infectious & Over Kill
Color Choices
(Top Left to Right)
Carolina Beach, Decay, Shamrock and Royal Mountain 
(Bottom Left to Right)
Slate Blue, Cantaloupe, Lime Green, Digital Viper 
Color Choices
(Top Left to Right)
Purple camo, Red Camo, Pink Camo
(Bottom Left to Right)
Napa Valley, Flamingo, Ahola  
Color Choices
(Top Left to Right)
Undead, Afgan Vet, Destiny, Iraqi Vet
(Bottom Left to Right)
Lifeguard, ACU, Holly Jolly, Fashionista  
Over 75 color combinations to choose from.....